“A glitch is an unwanted result. Applied to photography, a Glitch Art is an altered image created without full control over the alteration of its original.”

Guillaume Lucas

The following images were made by altering photos. For those alterations, Guillaume used a variety of methods.Some involve modifying the photos’ decompression algorithm, modifying the photo with an audio software, using homemade algorithms… All of those images have been selected after a series of unwanted results.

The world is drowned under photos.
Social media platforms push users to produce images to retain people on their platform and therefore shape indirectly the visuals that we share. Images have the power to affect people, but what are the responsibilities of the creators of those images?

As a form of protest toward the explosion of what he considers over-embellished images, Guillaume decided to pick some of his most beautiful images and break what makes them beautiful in the first place.
He glitched his own photos.

“Like others, I like to look at beautiful images. What I don’t like, is how being constantly shown such images shapes the way I perceive the world. I am also guilty of producing similar images, and I see the series Glitch Art as a way to apologize.”

Guillaume Lucas